Top 10 Mobile Apps for Caravanning and Travelling Australia

Mobile Phones are the easiest way to keep up to date and find the information you need while camping, caravanning and travelling Australia. Here are our Top 10 Apps we use and why!

Camps Australia Wide – this is our go to for finding where we will camp or stay in an area. We know that all camps listed in the app are legal places we can stay (no risk of getting a fine), there are reviews, photos and videos, pricing guides and more. ($9.95/yr)

Willy Weather – this keeps us up to date with the weather in an area to help us plan where we stay and what we want to do, see or experience in the area. We can keep an eye on any weather events of concern too. (Free)

Fuel Map – we use Fuel Map (or Petrol Spy) to check the price of fuel. We look for the cheapest fuel in our area or along the route we are going to find the best place to refill while saving some cash. We also log all fills in the logbook to help us track our fuel usage. (Free)

Caravan Leveller – this simple app helps us level the van once we arrive at camp. We place it on the floor of the van and can adjust the levelling ramps, jack or stabilisers to suit. (Free)

Aus Post – the saving grace of packages. This allows us to set-up a Parcel Collect address to a nearby Post Office (or Post Office to where we are going), give the address to others or use it when online shopping and track our packages when they are on the way or delivered. We just show the collect screen at the post office with our ID and can collect our Packages. Note this does not work for mail in envelopes, packages only. (Free)

Trello – this keeps us in order and organised. We create lists and lots of lists – to do/chores lists when in the next town e.g. Gas bottle refills, maintenance and repair lists for the truck or van, we keep a maintenance log to the truck and van too, Dinner’s list – this is where we note down the meat we have and its expiry or any other dinners we have with it expiry and then order them to be used – Less thinking about what to have for dinner each day. We also keep a list of meat in the freezer so we can look at that and see what we would like to have, if nothing else is left in the fridge. We also write our shopping list here too. (Free)

Google Maps, including satellite and street view – we use these to find attractions in the area we are going and along the way, restaurants etc. We use Satellite and Street View when we are looking for parking areas while hitched up e.g. for grocery shopping so we can go from shop to van with ease, or parking near a playground for a rest etc. (Free)

Instagram and Facebook – Yes, we use both of these for ideas of places to go and visit. We follow a lot of council pages and tourist info pages that share exciting events, places, attractions and camp spots and either save the posts or save the location in Google Maps. (Free)

Google Drive – this is where we save our itinerary or plan. We record our booking details if we have made them, with dates, booking number and camp names. Daniel and I share this Spreadsheet so we can both see, edit and use it. (Free)

SkyView – we love sitting outside camp, by the campfire looking up at the stars. SkyView is our go to, to learn more about our night sky and our solar system. (Free)

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