Hi! We are Daniel, Amanda and Aria,.

So you’ve watched some Youtube clips of people adventuring around the country, you’ve probably seen some Youtube episodes,of other couples or families on the road making the most out of life? 

You have thought, man, that should probably be me! I think I could do that! 

So did we! 

We have finished 2.5 years of our big lap (or figure 8) of Australia to explore, capture and enjoy all there was to offer in the outdoor life of tripping around Aus. We are now nomads around the World. We look forward to having you all along with us for the ride as we continue to share our adventures, travel tips and photography! We share everything we can about life on the road in Aus and the World, the how’s of travel as a young family and over the past 3 years we have experienced so much that we hope we can share amazing places, tips and advice, for you to start planning and experiencing your adventures, where-ever they may be.

Just Announced!

We are one of the Ready Aim Travel’s Top 10 Australian Travel Blogs for 2023! Woohoo!


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Daniel Courtney Photography

Daniel is primarily a Fine Art Landscape Photographer, and has been running Daniel Courtney Photography for the last 7 years, selling his Landscape Photography images as Wall Art pieces for peoples homes and businesses.