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Just thought we’d let everyone know what GPS we use! 

We’ve tried a few GPS apps for our phones and tablets, but I (Daniel) as the main driver, really wanted something that just stayed in the truck, was always on when we were driving, was easy to read and to use. So I started researching GPS units.

We ended up with the RV890 from Garmin, which has been fantastic. We can enter all our vehicle parameters (Length, Weight and Height) and it tries to route us away from roads that aren’t suitable for us. (Or warns us if the only route isn’t suitable for whatever reason).

The map is great and it comes preloaded with the HEMA 100k raster map and the Garmin map. (We use both) My favourite feature is the Altitude. When I press the button it shows me the altitude changes along our route, basically hills up and down along with the steepness. This lets me prepare for big and steep climbs or descents before they happen! 

We can highly recommend this GPS unit to other travellers. 

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