Blackjack Trailer Jack – Jockey Wheel Replacement

This is a review a long-term review of the Titan RV Black Jack Electric Trailer Jack system.

It’s Australian designed, Australia made and by an small Australian company. It’s never really taken off in Australia unfortunately. However they sell quite a lot of units to America where these are really popular.

Most caravans and camper trailers come with wind up jockey wheels and those really suck frankly.  Quite a few people have an alternative which is called the Trailer Mate Hydraulic Jack, however, we chose not to go down this route after doing some research about them. This is mainly because I’m not a fan of hydraulics and seals and servicing and things like that and the Trailer Mate Jack was almost the same price as this Black Jack Trailer Jack unit which is fully electric.

If anyone’s ever serviced an electric motor before is not much to do. It’s pretty easy so they don’t require seal kits or new oil or any mess or anything. The electric motor just goes and goes and goes and doesn’t require any work at all!

We’ve had our Black Jack Trailer Jack on the caravan for over a year now and it’s done so well, it’s really fantastic! I installed it myself with a little bit of help from my wife, Amanda. It came with the wiring kit and everything that was required and just worked pretty much straight away after setting it up.

The Black Jack Trailer Jack has plenty of lifting capacity and a lot of height to lift your caravan up to level it. In fact, I believe the Black Jack Trailer Jack is rated high enough to actually lift the back of our vehicle off the ground if we had to change a tire on the back, but don’t quote me on that. We have certainly used it still attached to the truck on our DO35 hitch and used it to lift the caravan up to level without unhitching. If the height required is too much then we just undo the hitch and leave everything else connected. It also has a level bubble on the top for you to look at to get an idea of how much you need to jack up your trailer, caravan or camper.

If you live full time on the road you will really appreciate this electric Jack, as you will be setting up and packing up on a regular basis every couple of days at least and it makes life so easy, especially for Amanda who has a bit of a dodgy shoulder. She can just push the button on the jack and effectively lift or lower the caravan onto the hitch for me while I’m in the truck.

The kit that we bought came with all the wiring, fuses and everything necessary to go from nothing to having the jack working fully ( as long as you can access your battery to connect it up to). It also comes with a dust protection bag that we keep on our jack at all times. This helps with the weather and dust but isn’t necessary.

We’ve had one fault with our Black Jack Electric Jack and it was actually one of the switches on the front that raises and lowers the jack. We spoke to Titan RV who produce this product and they were surprised to hear about our switch issue. They immediately overnighted a replacement switch to us and it was very easy swap over for me to do. They said that they’d only had one other switch fail in the last year so they’re very surprised about it. This kind of after sales service just can’t be bought the owners just have to be passionate about their business and their customers. I will note here that the Black Jack Trailer Jack comes with a manual winder for if for some odd reason your power fails or for our instance with the switch failing.

To conclude, we would definitely purchase this again any day. It’s one of our most used and best caravan products that we’ve bought in the last year. It makes our day-to-day life much easier and it’s a great product, especially for the price. Two thumbs up for us and we always recommend it to everyone. In fact, we get quite a lot of jealous looks when we are electrically raising and lowering our caravan at camp.

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