2 Day Road Trip in The Black Forest

We only had time for a 2 day Road Trip in the Black Forest Region and it was no where near enough time. There are so many hidden gems to explore in the region that if you can spend a week here then you may just scrape the surface.

We did make the most of our short visit and I will tell you about them here, so if you are only visiting for a short time you’ll be able to make the most of your time and see some amazing places. We had our own hire car which made exploring the area really easy. I have included a few other attractions I had on my wish list in the interactive map below, if you have more time than a 2 Day Road Trip in the Black Forest.


We stayed in an Airbnb with an absolutely lovely family in their huge 3 level traditional German home, which was basically a house on each level. We had the top level with stunning views over the farmland. Aria played lots of German Games with their daughter using Google Translate, plus they practised teaching each other some of their languages. Dan was taken to the cellar where they distil their own schnapps to have a look at the 150 year old barrels which stores the homemade Apfelwein and Schnapps. We were then treated to some tastings, shared some snacks and laughs with the family for the rest of the evening. It is these experiences and moments that you cannot plan or schedule in, and are the bonuses that travel enables.

Attractions We Explored

Hohengeroldseck Castle Ruins: The castle was erected around 1260 and played a significant role as the family stronghold for the Lords of Geroldseck. It stood atop Schönberg Hill, offering commanding views in all directions. Its final demise came during the 17th century, when French troops razed it to the ground in 1689. It is a short walk (about 45minutes) from the parking (or you could ride a bike), free entry and it is amazing to see. The 10-meter-high outer walls and the main building (the upper castle) still stand. You can walk the grounds, and can still walk up one of the towers for panoramic views.

All Saints Waterfall (Allerheiligen-Wasserfälle): a 7 tiered waterfall, with steps along the left side the whole way from bottom to top! I lost count of the number but there were a good few (about 230). The drive itself through the area is just stunning too so even just driving around was a great adventure! At the top of the waterfall, if you follow the path you will come across the All Saint Abbey. We didn’t know about this until after, so turned back too soon, but from the photos and info we have been told about, definitely continue to see if for yourself.

Aussichtsplattform Ellbachseeblick: a hidden lookout observation deck, giving amazing views over the Black Forrest. Just a short 5 minute walk from the parking area

Triberg Falls: Germany’s Tallest Waterfall. We had to pay around $25 (Aud) entry to see Triberg Wasserfall which was kinda expensive for a nature attraction. It was beautiful and nice to see another waterfall but my gosh it was busy, even with the entry fee. Daniel Courtney Photography captured some amazing artworks here too. There are lots of different walking trails you can take, most of them start at the main waterfall and most of them paved. Some cross bridges of the falls, others into the forest around. There is also a couple of playgrounds too for the kids.

World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock: and it actually works. It was €1 pp entry to see the workings behind the clock and look through a museum of all sorts of clocks and cuckoo’s of various sizes. My grandfather would have loved this shop! We unexpectantly timed it to see the cuckoo do it’s thing however, it was at 11:20am so I don’t know if it was a bit out of whack or what.

Facts about the clock:

  • Construction time: 5 years (each piece is made specifically for this clock)
  • Rebuilt of Original: 60:1
  • Size/Weight: 4.5m x 4.5 / 6t
  • Cuckoo: 2.6m long / 150kg
  • Pendulum: 8m long / 100kg
  • Total Construction cost: Over €1Million

We didn’t eat out or do any shopping here, so we can’t really share any insights about those, however I am sure there are some amazing places to eat, it is such a friendly and traditional area of Germany, I’m sure you can’t go wrong with what or where you choose.

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