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Corindi Beach, NSW

Wow! What an awesome place!!

An amazing dog friendly location that definitely should be on your list!! @reflectionsholidayparks Corindi beach was one of the most dog friendly parks we have stayed at. Dog baths, doggie waiting tie up points, dog beach and even kangaroos to chase 🤣🤣(jk).

When we arrived there were kangaroos the size of Daniel across from our site (it was so cool) and within 30-60mins of setting up Deuce had managed to get loose and be off chasing the kangaroos. In the distance all we could see was a herd of kangaroos zigzag bounding across a field and the white tip of deuce following behind. An hour later and Daniel searching bushland, myself and Aria on foot, numerous fellow caravaners helping and keeping watch, Daniel found him sniffing around the Aboriginal community on the other side of the bushland. Punishment was for him to run alongside the #surron home. He surprisingly managed to only have a sore eye for a day, lucky boy!

We had an amazing time relaxing at the park, playing at the beach and enjoying one of the most amazing sunsets we have had in a long time.

The lookout is wonderful with picnic tables and bench seats, where we enjoyed a delicious gourmet takeaway pizza night and a cold cider!

We captured three amazing landscape photography artworks in our time at Corindi Beach, and they’re available for purchase at

“Corindi Sunset” (c) Daniel Courtney Photography
“Daybreak at Corindi” (c) Daniel Courtney Photography
“Corindi Contrasts” (c) Daniel Courtney Photography

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